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Yoga & Travel Retreats in Rishikesh & Ladakh

Rishikesh : 


Rishikesh, a land where Yogis meet Adrenaline Junkies, where spirituality and adventure are equally loved by Yogis who live here and Yogis who come from around the world. We welcome you to the gateway of the Himalayas and invite you to our Yoga & Travel Retreats. We have been doing Yoga & Travel retreats in Rishikesh since January 2021 . These retreats are generally a week’s program where we offer Yoga Sessions and we explore Rishikesh thoroughly. It’s not a typical Yoga Retreat where people are generally staying at one place and practising Yoga but it’s more than that. We conduct these retreats throughout the year.


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Ladakh :


Ladakh is not a place , it’s a Dream for many of us. From a cold desert to beautiful Lakes , from top motorable roads to a sky full of stars, Ladakh has it all. We have done a lot of Yoga & Travel Retreats in Ladakh and everybody who was there , loved every bit of it. 

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